Music and Meditation

Find Inner Peace with Music

Everyone of us wants or wishes someday to be able to play and perform (in your daily life doing “ordinary” things or playing an instrument, acting) with freedom, without limitations and boundaries, which we often make to ourselves through bad habits or through the misconception that we are enslaved in our physical bodies.

Probably many of you have once experienced, like me, that in spite of playing or doing things “correctly”, there is something that blocks you and doesn’t allow to fully unleash your infinite potential, like Deepak Chopra once beautifully said. I am talking here of a sensation of limitation, a feeling when you cannot express fully what is inside you, your true self.

Meditation and Music

I would like to share with you my experience with Alexander’s Technique,

Music and Meditation
The Use of the Self by F. M. Alexander

meditation, Zen or other spiritual teachings which brought me to the realization that you can play free, be authentic, natural (in every aspect of your life, not just playing) as soon as you learn (or better said – re-learn) the easiest thing that we are born with – how to be conscious.

“The easiest thing” might be not so easy for us, since we are bombarded everyday by thousands of negative thoughts, often obsessive, which draw our attention away of that what’s actually the most important and what counts – be here, now. When we were children, we didn’t think so much, we were truly observer of our reality, didn’t pay attention to these negative thoughts as we tend to do now…

I realized, after many years of practicing Alexander Technique, that the spiritual teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Wayne Dyer, to name just a few, and the principles of Zen, Meditation or Eastern Philosophies, have so much in common and that we can learn from these teachings how to be free, conscious about our body (and not only) which can help us tremendously with our playing.

I have seen many musicians, even great and highly talented ones, who are struggling with their bodies and instruments. How easier and more effortless could look like their playing having experience with these techniques? Are you one of them maybe?

Every week, I will present you one book/teaching/sentence which I hope inspires you (like inspired me) to work on yourself and bring you to the realisation that playing an instrument can be a beautiful meditation and moment of inner peace.


Jerzy Chwastyk,

Guitar teacher at KMA Berlin



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