The team at KMA Berlin will help you to develop and build your musical perspective.
All our experienced teachers are concert performing musicians at national and international stages.
Check us out! Our personalities, our core beliefs, our DNA.

Our Mission

For us at KMA Berlin music is a way to express your true self, your feelings, your inner thoughts. That’s why we are a free, private music school: to be flexible, to focus 100% on your needs and create an environment that really helps you reach your goals. Or mission is to help you overcome internal blockades that keep you from truly connecting with your instrument. And we are really good at that! Sign up and see for yourself: We offer free trial lessons!

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Award winning teachers

All of our teachers have live performance experience and many of us have big careers in music. That’s why we really know how it feels like to be nervous before having an audition or a live performance.


Special programs

We know, music is much more than just playing the instrument. It also has a lot to do with you mental condition and your inner strength – especially when preparing for exams and auditions. That’s why we offer courses like transformational coaching.

Meet the team!


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