Learn to Play the Guitar

guitar is like a small orchestra – every string has a different color

About the Guitar

The famous spanish guitar virtuoso, Andres Segovia, was right saying once – “guitar is like a small orchestra – every string has a different color”…the richness of sound and moods make this instrument an unique medium of expression, from intimate, romantic Spanish pieces to energetic Latin American music, from spiritual baroque music by Bach to modern works by Britten or Piazzolla – guitar has a lot to offer….

Although guitar is mainly associated in modern times with more popular forms of this instrument like electric guitar, bass or acoustic guitar, the classical guitar gives you a wider range of repertoire from different styles and epochs.


The uniqueness of this instrument is comparable with piano – as an harmonic instrument you don’t need any accompaniment and you are still able to sing beautiful melody, play a nice, long phrase, imitate other instruments like cello, brass, percussion or simply the sounds of nature…using many colors from sweetest dolce on the fingerboard to ponticello near the bridge, funny pizzicato or Bartok pizzicato effects to cello-like vibrato, full of Spanish temperament rasgueados to romantic voice imitation with tremolo technique… Playing the guitar brings you in a balanced state, due to intimacy and stillness of it sound, practicing is more like meditation and connection with silence –

In the beginning, there was silence. And out of the silence came the sound“ as Daniel Barenboim once beautifully said…and Claude Debussy wrote: “The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between them”. Classical guitar is a perfect instrument to express this sound coming out of silence…


Playing guitar gives you a wonderful opportunity to know yourself better, your body, it constantly challenges you to work on your body-mind connection, to release unnecessary tension. And we need this challenges in order not just to develop our skills but also to grow, to discover ourselves. With KMA you will gain not only guitar skills but also you will be able to express your uniqueness through this beautiful instrument, such as classical guitar.


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