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Professional, experienced and active musicians will help you find your potential. Teaching music is our passion



We offer individual lessons for audition preparation, for beginners, advanced and even if you just want to learn a special piece



You cannot believe the amazing progress our students are making after a few minutes with us. We are very proud of these young talents

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We teach Beginners & advanced Students, specialize in coaching music students for exam preparation
and auditions and help you learn a special piece. Let us share our passion for music with you!

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Sign Up and find out which of our professional teachers fits best to you. At KMA Berlin all our experienced teachers are concert performing musicians at national and international stages.

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With our student counselor you put together your individual lessons plan. We know that having music theory classes in addition to your practical lessons will speed up your learning process. That's why we teach music theory in small groups online.

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We focus 100% on YOU. That's why together we will make you reach your highest potential.
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Home Teaching
(If Teacher lives close to your home)

What our students say?

Really impressed!

“I am student of Jerzy Chwastyk only for a short period of time but I am really impressed how he teaches and I really enjoy his lessons. His attention to the details is remarkable and he always finds something small to improve, which then improves the whole piece. if someone is looking for someone to help preparing an exam, I think Jurek is a good choice for that.”

Justin Müller, violin

Perfectly prepared for an audition!

“Oli is a great drummer and teacher. Not only does he have immense know-how on the instrument, his knowledge of the drummer and musician scene in Germany has helped me in many ways. He also prepared me perfectly for my successful application and audition at “Popakademie Baden-Württemberg”, which I graduated from as Bachelor of Arts in 2019. I can absolutely recommend Oli as a teacher to any ambitious drummer or whoever wants to become one.”

Niklas Müller, drums

Yeah, Hanns Eisler University, here I come!

“I have been taking lessons with Manuel Abreu for one year. During this time I have significantly improved my skills as a trumpet player. Manuel's lessons are relaxed, yet at the same time very intensive. He is always very focused on what I am doing. He always manages to motivate me to work on musicality and supports the student to reach the expected level. Without his support, success in competitions nor in the recent audition for the Hanns Eisler University would not be possible.”

Jasper Niedeggen, trumpet

Whole new level

“He managed to connect different aspects and got to ask me questions that I've never even thought about before. Answering them is like getting to know yourself on a whole new level. All in all sessions with Carlo are not only based on getting information about yourself but also on having fun whilst thinking outside the box.”

Esther Ziegner, transformational session

Really enjoyed!

“I really enjoyed lessons with Tjaša. She has mastered being able to teach the violin with passion to beginners. The combination of technique learning and playing favorite songs, have fortified my already-existing passion for the violin. For each student, she kindly gives a lot of time and tailors the teaching specifically to the student."

Justin Müller, violin

Quick results

“Julius helped me right away to shape my music and understanding of theory through simple but profound explanations. The thing I like the most about the lessons is that Julius tries to answer technical questions from different angles. I can see quick results in my playing and it’s safe to say that the development of my technique is the consequence of these lessons.”

George Kikalishvili, piano

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Why KMA Berlin?

Experienced teachers

All of our teachers are experienced and active musicians. If you are ready, you can even proof your skills on stage and play with us at a live event. If you want to strengthen your skills and prepare for an audition we are true experts and are very confident that we can help you find new ways to make the most of your talent.

Save time, study online

Not everyone lives in Berlin and can easily visit us at our headquarters. That’s why we specialize in music lessons online so that you can make the most of your time while still having the maximum effect – no matter where you live. For studying, it doesn't make a big difference if you meet in person or online - what matters is how much you concentrate on learning. And this is our strength: We focus on you 100%! And you can focus on studying music without having to waste any time in traffic. 

Individual lesson plan

Depending on what you are searching for we will put together an individual plan that fits your needs. We offer a huge variety of lessons that make sure you reach your goals. No matter if you just want to learn one particular play, prepare for an audition, want to refresh your skills or want to start from scratch - we're happy to support you. Contact us to put together your personal lesson plan.

Free video lessons

Sign up and get access to our member area. We provide free learning material and videos for you to improve your skills before or in between taking lessons.

Music Theory lessons

Practical lessons and music theory should go hand in hand. At KMA Berlin we created a concept that allows you to fully focus during practical lessons and concentrate on music theory in seperate lessons. Our theory courses are well structured and packed with information so that you will learn it in no time.

Free trial lesson

Not sure if online lessons are a good fit for you? We are! That's why we offer a free trial lesson. Just sign up and get your first 30 minutes for free!


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