KMA Philosophy

Tjaša Kastelic about the KMA philosophy


As CEO of KMA I would say that because of our experiences that we as teachers and musicians have we can understand the students issue immediately and than finding the right solving method for every student. Every person is different and the way of teaching that works for every student, is like a puzzle. It’s the right combination and it belongs together! 

Since I am teaching for more than 15 years I worked with different kinds of children and adults, from beginners to advanced and professional violin players. 

The last 2 years I got many students which came to me and after many years of playing they couldn’t play a note or they were playing in such a position that there was not a good sound coming out. 

The main problem is that they think (because probably someone told them day after day, year after year) that they aren’t able to play the violin well. Even if they believe somehow that is could be possible to still become a good musician, it’s unbelievable that the progress and the results are coming so fast after these students start at KMA Berlin.

You might ask yourself how we achive that?

  1. We “cook” TOGETHER! 🙂 I always say in a light way to my students that we need to “cook” some things. This puts the whole approach into a completely different perspective as I would say: “listen, we need to fix your playing”
  2. Step by step with a very systemically approach we “recook” the things. I am a fan of keeping it simple and short. So I am writing the highlight words which help my students to remember the things. 
  3. Be precise, but have fun! This one is the most important! We all play because we love playing! Changing some technical issues can be sometimes a tough thing, because it takes so much concentration and repeating again and again. But I always do some funny comparisons and we laugh.
  4. Teaching a student how to “cook – practice” at home when I am not coaching. With some of the students I take one week and I practice with them 15 minutes per day. That they really see how much less time we can spend if we use the time at home wisely. 

This is how we interact and really focus on the students. We believe that every individual student needs individual care. See yourself what amazing progress these two young talents Mia and Isabel have made after practicing with Tjaša Kastelic, violin teacher and CEO at KMA Berlin


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